Wear a Denim Jacket (w/out looking like a fool)

Denim jackets are classic, they are always in fashion in some iteration. Like any classic piece of clothing there is always room to mess it up. The jean jacket can look wrong more often than it can look right, which is such a shame. To help you avoid looking like a hot mess here are some denim jacket do's and denim jacket don'ts to ensure you get it right this time.

- Wear cropped styles for a fresh new look.
- Experiment with treatments such as quilting or pin tucks.
- Try wearing a hooded denim jacket for a casual/cool look.
- Wear your blue denim jacket with white denim pants for a casual spring appropriate ensemble.


- Adorn your denim with appliqués, fur, or any other obnoxious trim ... that's so yuck!
- Wear your denim jacket from 1985! It's not cool anymore trust me on this one.
- Wear your blue denim jacket with your blue denim pants (it's so a 1990's nightmare).

Douchey Denim

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