Still waiting on spring to arrive where you are? Got those dreary winter day blues? Maybe the d°light Huggable is the answer you've been looking for. This light-up pillow is inspired by sunlight and designer Diana Lin created it to give people the chance to embrace the essence of the sun in their arms.

The pillow is soft and fuzzy like a pillow should be and it's made out of a unique silicone material that feels almost life-like. It's like your cute new glowing pet!

The d°light Huggable is available in three colors (white, hot pink and gold) and for $160 each, this pillow is a bit of a splurge. But it could make a great gift for lonely urban dwellers with the winter blahs, or maybe a last-ditch effort to sooth the kid who just can't get over their fear of the dark? Either way, it's pretty freakin' cool!