As if being the most genetically blessed sisters ever weren't enough, Penelope and Monica Cruz are also cool enough to have their own fashion line, Mango. So they're beautiful, talented and stylish? Wow, life must be rough for the Cruz women.

They've already done one collection for Mango and it's fantastic! Take a look and see what I mean. The clothes are modern and elegant. And better yet, everything currently up on their website is reasonably priced. Although, I'll admit, it's hard to judge with Penelope modeling all the outfits because she could make even a paper bag look hot.

Fabulous Mango clothes modeled by Penelope Cruz

Yesterday the two lovely ladies presented their "Penelope & Monica Cruz for MNG" Mango Spring/Summer collection. The event was held at the Mango store in Madrid, Spain. Of course, Penelope and Monica both showed up looking completely gorgeous! Browse through the gallery to see pictures from the event.

Penelope and Monica Cruz present Mango's Spring/Summer collection