After months of using crappy perfume from the DHARMA Initiative, Evangeline Lilly is finally getting the chance to be associated with a decent fragrance. Cool Water for women announced yesterday that the saucy and mysterious heroine of the ABC's Lost is going to be the face of their upcoming ad campaign, starting this July.

I think this is awesome, because I'm a pretty big Lost fan -- apparently someone at Davidoff Cool Water is too. Last year, they tapped none other than Sawyer himself, Josh Holloway, to promote the cologne. Click here to see a goofy pic of Holloway on Cool Water's website --he's all Sawyered out with wet hair and a couple days of stubble.

Will we get to see Evangeline do any arty nude poses? Or will the ads have a Lost theme? Based on the Holloway campaign, I'm thinking we'll see more Kate wielding a gun or climbing up a tree with shredding guitars rocking in background. That's fine by me, as long they put her in a sexy outfit -- those ragged island clothes aren't very flattering. Here's what Lilly had to say:
"[Cool Water] definitely represents the juxtaposition between purity and sensuality, and there's that sort of fresh newness... On top of it, there's strength that's underneath it all, that is where sensuality comes from--versus just pure sexiness."