Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker is unhappy being the "unsexiest woman alive." This news isn't exactly shocking.

The star received the unfortunate honor from Maxim magazine back in October, and she recently confided in an interview with Grazia magazine that she felt the poll was "brutal," and that the results were "shocking."

And it's true, while Parker isn't exactly the kind of huge-chested, 19-year-old hot body that usually wins the hearts of men's mag readers, there's definitely some uglier women out there (Amy Winehouse, we're looking at you).

Maxim's Top 5 Unsexiest Women

MadonnaAmy WinehouseBritney SpearsSandra OhSarah Jessica Parker

It's also worth noting that Matthew Broderick, Parker's husband, wasn't too pleased -- not entirely because the news hurt his wife's feelings, but more because the results called his decision-making into question. Parker says, after her hubby learned that Maxim called her a "Barbaro-faced broad," he was "upset" because "it has to do with his judgment."

Fair enough, I wouldn't want to be married to the world's least sexy woman either. With that in mind, who would you deem world's unsexiest?