organic beauty peppermint foot stickFeet are gross (they just are) but there are plenty of products out there that can make them less gross. The times that I find my feet are the scariest is when I take off my shoes for yoga class. It's like "gee, my feet didn't look this crappy when I woke up this morning" Luckily there is a quick solution that can easily be tossed in your yoga bag ... Deep Steep Natural Candy Mint Moisture Stick.

This handy stick is loaded with cocoa butter, echinacea, vitamin E, as well as botanical extracts and emollient oils. All of that good stuff will result in super-soft skin and who doesn't like that?

I like this stick because it's so easy to just keep in your bag, it smells nice, it's organic, and it doesn't feel greasy on your skin. Oh and did I mention it was dirt-cheap? Yeah this magical stick is only $5 -- better get a couple.