make up for ever lashbarYesterday I took a breather in Sephora -- I mean really where else can you find inner peace? I found myself in Make Up For Ever's section of the store, which is a section I am not too familiar with. What I found was a bevy of bright eye shadows, glitters, and ridiculously stylish fake eyelashes -- I was in heaven.

I am not a fake eyelash type of girl at all. I have really long eyelashes (don't hate), in fact once when I was at MAC I bought a pair of fakes and my lashes were longer than the ones I bought -- true story. Anyhow, the lashes from Make Up For Ever are amazing, even a girl like me can appreciate these.

The lashes are over the top (to say the least) and super-affordable (about $14 a set). Many of the lashes are made with funky feathers or are so long they surpass your eyebrows. These lashes aren't for daytime use, unless you want to look like a complete fool. I think these hot pieces of beauty are best suited for hitting town and painting it red.