make upCould you go makeup free for one day? I sure couldn't or at least I wouldn't. Today is National No Makeup Day. I know, what genius made that holiday up? The organizers of National No Makeup Day created this silly holiday because they say women are too dependent on makeup. Um duh, yeah we are!

I am starting to think that giving up a nasty crack habit would be easier than giving up makeup for an entire day (at least in public). But really, I am being a bit dramatic. I do leave the house without makeup to do things like move my car from one side of the street to another and to go to the gym -- but that's about it.

Over the years I have learned to use makeup do wonderful things for my face, things that everyday onlookers think happen to my face all on it's own. Like my blemish-free dewy skin, my longer than life eyelashes, my just got finished having sex flushed cheeks -- those things aren't natural people it's the makeup.

When normal people see me without makeup I get remarks like "Are you mad at me?" or "Late night" and the always popular "You look tired." I don't know if I could handle going a full day without, I might just lose my mind. Tell me could you all go a day, a full 24 hours?