vogue coverThe Vogue Diet ... What is that like water, asparagus, and chewing gum? Nah not so much, it goes more like this "lose some weight or you can't be on my cover."

That's exactly what happened to Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte. The two designers received a call from a Vogue editor who suggested they get on a diet and see a personal trainer. Kate and Laura were actually fine with it because they wanted to get healthier anyways (uh huh). The 'Vogue Diet' consisted of four months of personal training and a meal delivery service.

The fashionable diet paid off as they lost a combined total of 50 pounds. They even kept a diet diary that will appear in the April issue. Of course Vogue got a lot of heat for asking the sisters to diet, and this isn't the first time. Back in 1998 Oprah actually agreed to drop 20 pounds before her cover shoot.

I don't know what to think about this. On one hand if Vogue paid for all of my weight loss needs and I kinda wanted to drop some weight anyways it wouldn't be a big deal. However on the other hand ... Vogue is straight up calling people fat. What do you all think?