Fashion Kitty Trend Alert: Bringing Backless Back

I have scoured the web in an effort to find the best backless fashions on the market. My reasons are selfish really, I just got a tattoo in the middle of my back and I want to show it off. Selfishness aside, the backless trend really is making a comeback so you get on board and show some back.

Easier said than done huh? How do you wear backless tops and dresses without being "too free." Thankfully there a couple of options out there that we have talked about on StyleDash before:

Nippies: For the tiny-breasted gals out there who aren't necessary afraid of flopping around but are afraid of showing off their high-beams, try Nippies. Nippies are these great nipple stickers that keep those beams in control.

Backless bra: In the past backless bras have never been really backless, they always have a little something to them. Maidenform has made the first ever totally backless bra. I have to say, I am impressed and can't wait to try this thing out.