Monday night on American Idol, Paula Abdul provided one of the most jaw-dropping, crazy fashion moments of her career.

As always, Jessica from Go Fug Yourself did a stellar job of expressing the shock and awe that Paula's black, silk, fingerless, opera-length gloves, plus -- PLUS! -- rhinestone accessories, inspired in all of us.

I was so inspired, that I went back and pulled together a gallery of some of Paula's most interesting sartorial hits. Honestly, she looks good more than she looks bad - no, really! - but when she goes off the rails, fasten your seatbelt!

Highlights of the exciting gallery include bright colors, gathered capris, ruffles, cleavage and one nutty Boy George hat.

Paula Abdul Fashion Adventures

Spatz!Hey Paula, you have something sticking out...Secret AgentPuffy pantsShe Was A Showgirl