Sometimes I think I'm a fashion schizophrenic. I like bright, bold prints and funky styles. But I also like soft, neutral, flowy looks. I like metallics and sexy black outfits, but I'm a sucker for a romantic sundress.

So, when I saw that Spiegel had a What's Your Signature Style quiz (with examples at the end for all but one style), I jumped right in (plus, who doesn't like quizzes?). It's haaard ... there were several questions for which I could have easily chosen two (or more) different answers. But, when I finished, my style was Natural Sophistication. Hmm, really?

Spiegel's Signature Styles

Understated EleganceRelaxed GlamourModern RomanticNatural SophisticationSimple Chic

I took it again, this time choosing the answers I didn't choose the first time and now I'm Definitely Dramatic (of course, the one style without outfits put together for me at the end!). And so, it is confirmed -- I am a fashion schizophrenic, but at least I know what to wear together. Take the quiz (it only takes a minute or two, unless you agonize over the answers like I did) and let me know what your signature style is!