We have to give it to Pete Wentz.

He has been championing guy liner from the very beginning, so it's only fitting that he would become the first man to emerge from the punk scene to create a line of cosmetics specially tailored for all of the guys out there still bumming Dior's crayon eyeliner off their girlfriends.

Pete Wentz makeup

Mr. Wentz is set to launch a collection of five vegan, punk-themed pencil eyeliners called WentzPentz. Sold exclusively at Hot Topic, the guy liners will retail for $3.99. In addition, each shade of the pencils were inspired by Pete's childhood in Chicago: Green-Eyed Sidekick, Fireside Bowl, By the Power of Grayskull, Let's Take the Brown Line to Wellington, and Blue Line, Next Stop: Damen.

On the line, Pete says: "Fall Out Boy has always been known for its pop hooks and good looks, and like David Bowie before me, I am known for my displays of cosmetic derring-do. For too long, I've been keeping my eyeliner know-how to myself. Now, with the debut of WentzPentz, guys - and girls - everywhere will be able to have a piece of the Fall Out Boy lifestyle."

Meanwhile, Wentz is opening a punk-themed hair salon in Chicago named Cladestine Industries -- which is also the name of his diffusion line with DKNY Jeans -- where hip young boys and girls can get funky coiffures by stylist Ben Mollin. Also, he plans to hook-up with Jessica Simpson's B.F.F. hair stylist Ken Paves to design a line of clip-on hair extensions for men.

Phew...are you tired yet? Let's just hope he can find the time to produce another Fall Out Boy album in between all of his male beauty conquests.

[via Bellasugar]

Update: This was actually just an April Fool's joke by Bella Sugar. So, sneaky...