Can you believe it?!? Britney Spears is going to do a fashion line. Who in the world would give this train wreck her own line?

Believe it or not, renowned designer Christian Audigier is going to be collaborating with Britney to design her own line. He also does Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, SMET, Paco Chicano, CbarA, and Crystal Rock.

We really don't understand this -- even when she was sane she wasn't a great dresser. Let's not even talk about recent wardrobe mishaps!

Even though she dresses like this, Britney's getting her own line

Britney Spears
Brit Brit had a business meeting with Christian yesterday and was said to be in good spirits. The two were laughing it up the whole time!

While at the Ed Hardy offices, Britney picked up a few things for herself, as well as birthday presents for little sis Jamie Lynn. She bought her a bikini. Great idea, because I'm sure that's what a self conscious, paparazzi stalked, pregnant teenager really wants to wear for the world to see. But since Brit can't even take care of herself we can't fault her for not being sister of the year.