Sarah Jessica Parker comes across as such an honest, down-to-earth woman. You know, aside from the fact that she wears amazingly expensive designer clothing everyday and mixes and matches as she pleases.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, SJP, wearing a Martin Margiela black sleeveless mini and looking amazing, she talks about how she treats all her high-end threads.

"You kind of have to treat it like the honor system. It's like the library. If you return the book at the time they posted on the back, then you get to borrow another book. This (the dress) is not mine -- I have to bring it back home to New York tomorrow, then send it back to Paris." We'd sure like to get a card for that library!

Far from being the "Unsexiest Woman Alive" by the "Least Logical Magazine Alive," Maxim, SJP is now being called "a canvas" and "a designer's dream." And it's true -- whether you dig all her ensembles or not, there's no doubt that she pulls them off with aplomb.