It is a rare woman who can carry off:
  • 36 FF boobs
  • a bustle train frock coat - in white chiffon
  • white capris a full two months before Memorial Day
  • a two foot blonde wig
  • special wig rhinestones
  • five inch heels

Dolly Parton, Legend

Dolly in White at the 2006 Academy AwardsDolly receiving 2006 Kennedy Center AwardDemin bell-bottom suit, 2005 Country Music AwardsDenim capri suit at 2006 Pre-Oscar partyJoan Fonda, Mick Jagger and Dolly at the 9 to 5 Anniversary Party.
Even more rare is one who can do it in her 60s and still seem like the sweetest little lady next door. Dolly Parton, we love you! You are insanely talented, kind as can be, a noted philanthropist, funny, and a paragon of proportional dressing for the very short woman.

The bandy-legged little costume Dolly wore on Idol last week to perform her song Jesus and Gravity is just the most recent of many outstanding and awe-inspiring outfits. Celebrate her fashion glory with us in the gallery.

There is so much to admire about Dolly, from the nails to the lips to the frank admission of having work done. And while she does look a little bit like Lisa, the blonde "star" of Team America: World Police, she also manages to come across as down to earth and genuine.

Also, we will always envy her for living the dream of opening her own wig company.

In our opinion, Dolly Parton is the real American Idol.