Maybe blonds have more fun. But when you're tanning on the yacht, drinking daiquiris, and getting pedicures from Marco -- the hot pool boy, who lives to satisfy your every need -- chances are you won't care. That's because, at least according to dating experts, you, the brunette, are far more likely to land a man who can lavish you with absurd sums of money than your blond counterpart.

Which brunettes scored billionaire hubbies?

In fact, 62% of billionaires have married (or are in long-term relationships with) brunettes, while only 22% chose more fair-haired companions. Women with black hair reeled in a measly 16% of the world's wealthiest bachelors, while redheads barely made the list.

Would you change your hair color to score a man with cash?
What is this, the 50s? No!925 (54.4%)
In a heartbeat. This is billions of dollars we're talking about.774 (45.6%)