Used to be, that if you wanted to look really hot -- at least in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition kinda way -- you needed blond hair. It makes sense. After all, some (admittedly dubious) studies have suggested that blonds look younger, and men around the world have been lusting after fair-haired bombshells for decades.

But it seems times are changing. With news that (fake) blonds are more likely to develop lymphoma, and billionaires are overwhelmingly more interested in marrying brunettes, there's plenty of reason to doubt the dye job you might have considered a few years ago.

Plus, it's all too easy for an attempt at creative hair coloring to look lame and/or incredibly tacky -- as even celebrities like Jessica Simpson can't keep from going some creepy-looking shade of orange.

So is it better to work with what you've got? Or is there still a part of you that can't resist letting a colorist go to town on your coiffure? In a new poll released today, the ladies at StyleList pursue this pressing question: Two-toned hair -- love it or hate it? Head on over to vote.

Crazy dye jobs at Anna Sui's runway show