As the end of days draws closer and closer you probably find yourself wondering what you should wear. Is it formal? When the chemical warfare starts will the mall stay open? These are important questions, and that's why Diddo Velema has created this conceptual art project using Gucci and Louis Vuitton. There's got to be more to the final countdown than the Final Countdown, right?

Just like the bottles of water, rolls of toilet paper and case of Spam you have stashed in the basement, a gas mask is an important part of a well-stocked apocalypse survival readiness kit.

The thing is, you can't stay underground forever, eventually the Spam will gel beyond means of consumption and at some point you'll run out of shows on the TiVo. That's when you need to don your gear and head to the surface to see if anything besides cockroaches and Starbucks survived. Grab a raid latte and show all the mutants how to look fabulous.

It looks something like this:

Gas Masks are the New Black

Oh, and if these aren't enough, there's always this.

Designer Gas Masks is a conceptual art project. The masks are not real commercial products!
They are designed to be displayed in magazines and exhibited at galleries. They are not for sale.

[via Format]