As we reported earlier, the limited-edition makeup collection by Heatherette was in such high demand that MAC cosmetics had to bump up its release date by one week.

Well, this weekend we went to our local MAC beauty counter at the mall to see what all of the fuss was about. And let's just say the eccentric duo has made believers out of us.

But before we start rattling off about our fun new purchases, we have to admit something: We almost went home as quick as we came.

The loud packaging coupled with the fact every product seemed to come in a varying shade of bubblegum pink was a bit much at first.

However, after testing the beauty goodness on our face, the colors actually complimented our skin tones nicely. And we walked away with a eye shadow trio, hot pink nail polish, and some major glitter for our lids.

For those who still aren't hip to the awesomeness that is Richie Rich and Traver Rains, StyleitOnline has found this promo video for Heatherette's cosmetic line. It features muse Amanda Lepore and French Vogue cover girl Andre J.