Gossip Girls fashion is to teenage girls what Sex and the City was/is to women in their 20's and 30's. It's the be all, end all of style. The whole premise of the show is to make you envy their exciting lives and their wardrobes. So it's really not a shocker at all that one of the stars, Leighton Meester wants to make the big move and design her own line.

Her character, uber snotty, Blaire Waldorf is able to pull off all kinds of crazy outfits on TV. And in real life Leighton isn't too far behind. She says that fashion is one of her passions.

Would you wear clothes from a Leighton Meester line?

While nothing is in the works yet, you can bet that after designers hear what Leighton recently told Nylon Magazine, that somebody will come knocking soon. Miss Meester said, "I love fashion, and sometimes I just feel like if I could only do and make whatever I wanted, it would make so much of a statement and really express who I am. So yes, in the future I would love to do a clothing label or work with a clothing label."

We love her style and we'd be happy to buy something from the Queen B. label, should that dream ever become a reality. What about you?