Whit Honea is a slacker, a borderline degenerate, and a daydream believer. He's also our resident expert on casual chic. If it's comfortable, and not heinous, he's all over it. He's quite charming, really.

We like to keep a nice balance here in the land of t-shirts. One day we may offer something highbrow, and the next day we might blindside you with crude and unacceptable behavior- you know, fun stuff.

Today we're talking about Road Kill T-Shirts, whose motto is "We beat them all." Guess which category they fit in.

Road Kill T-Shirts

Road Kill has a fairly twisted sense of humor and wants to share it with you at a fair price. From the website:

Why are they so cheap? Why not? We don't pay rent in the mall... We keep prices low, buy funny tshirts [sic] direct from the vendor and use slaves to design our shirts. These are American Slaves, we don't sink so low to import our shirts! People ask us, why do you make fun of everyone, I say, why not. If you don't have a sense of humor, leave, life is already so freaking complex. Put on a funny t-shirt and tell everyone to get over it.

Eloquent, no? Whatever, the shirts are funny and there are people out there who need offending. Make it happen.