Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have just proved my hypothesis -- the couple that does their makeup together stays together.

Obviously standing in the bathroom mirror putting on matching eyeliner is a bonding experience for the couple. They've been dressing and doing their makeup alike for a few years now and they've finally decided to make things official. Those two crazy kids announced their engagement last week.

Pete and Ashlee's shared fashion interests include the aforementioned eyeliner, having bangs, matching yellow eye shadow and wearing skinny jeans.

Watch Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz morph into the same person

We know that Pete takes a lot of heat on the gossip blogs for his extremely metrosexual ways, but at Styledash we think it's cool. Pete is secure enough in his sexuality to not care about getting teased for wearing makeup. And Ashlee is secure enough in their relationship that she doesn't take critiques about her fiance's style to heart.

Good for them. May they be they putting mascara on each other until they're 100 years old!