Do you ever have those days when you simply don't have the wherewithal to put together a truly fabulous outfit, but you still want to look pulled together? You know, when all you seem to be able find is a v-neck tee and jeans, and you prefer to look effortlessly chic and not like you just didn't make an effort?

Why aren't you wearing this?

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There's a perfect solution to those days -- a funky, casual pendant, like this one by Tanya Moss for $272. It's unique, it's beautiful, and it's large enough to make an impact, giving your boring outfit some interest.

Can you come up with a simpler way to complete and outfit? And while it might be a little more pricey than some costume jewelry you might find, it's the type of design that can help define your signature style. Tanya Moss offers many items with her signature butterfly, but if insects aren't your thing, she also does a lot with flowers, scrolls, and beads -- check it out!