If you're having a Roaring 20's theme for your wedding, there are any number of choices for attire and accessories. The 20s offered a wide range of headgear for the women, from head-hugging lace veils to veils with astounding headpieces to the popular cloche hat.

This was the time of hats for both sexes, of course. No one, male or female, left the house without a hat. The two most common forms of hats in the 1920s were both straw: the boater (sometimes called a skimmer), and the Panama. Now, true Panama hats, hand-woven in Ecuador and taking hundreds of hours to produce, are extremely expensive. Certain of them could easily cost more than the bride's gown!

But you don't have to pay that much. You can readily find a decent copy of the Panama style for a price that won't break the bank. Straw boaters are a littel harder to find, but they're out there, too. Both the boater and the Panama would be fun for a spring, summer, or fall Roaring 20's wedding.