Whit Honea is a slacker, a borderline degenerate, and a daydream believer. He's also our resident expert on casual chic. If it's comfortable, and not heinous, he's all over it. He's quite charming, really.

It feels like forever since we featured funny t-shirts for the sake of funny. Actually, it's only been a few days, but we start to get the shakes if we don't get our fix. We usually get chocolate, although a classic vanilla shake is hard to beat.

Prank Place

We had ice cream for lunch today, hence us showcasing Prank Place. They're an online store with shirts that are funny, most of them, but that's not all they sell. Their virtual shelves are stocked with every gag you remember and those you want to forget. It reminds us of the ads in the back of a comic book. Basically, Prank Place is in the business of funny and they're serious about it.

Stop by if you're feeling silly.

[via Get A New Shirt]