It's true that when it comes to fashion guys really don't have as many options as we do. As females we can vary our outfits with shoes, makeup and accessories galore. Sure, men have footwear too. But, honestly, how many pairs of black or brown dress shoes can a guy really own? That's why fun eyewear is a great way for a man to give that little somethin' extra to his look.

Celebs wearing glasses

Omorosa from the ApprenticeCindy MargolisLarry BirkheadTracy BinghamAli Landry

Pete Wentz and Johnny Depp are great examples of two guys who utilize eyewear to give them a unique look. And it seems to be working -- Johnny is considered the sexiest man on the planet by many (myself included) and Pete Wentz is one of the most talked about gents in the tabloids.

A website called Eyebuydirect even has a special tool so you can try before you buy. You just upload a picture of yourself and then you can virtually try on their glasses. So guys, you don't have to be scared to go with something new. You can give it a dry run before taking your new style out on the town.

Lots of women love a man with glasses. If worn properly they can add an aura of intrigue. So give it a go. Eyewear just might help you take your mashion (man fashion) to the next level.