We're a little late to the party on this, but did anyone else see Barack Obama's concession speech in PA on Tuesday night? He lost the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton, but rather than discussing the outcome, the Interwebs are instead abuzz with photos of those three dudes behind him wearing t-shirts with huge Abercrombie and Fitch logos plastered on the front.

Were the guys paid? Was Obama paid? Did some marketing genius at A&F actually score product placement at a high-profile speech by a popular presidential candidate?

Apparently not. At least, that's the official word from an A&F spokesman. He insists the company didn't pursue any product placement at the Obama speech, despite rampant rumors to the contrary -- telling the New York Post: "Thanks to the Obama campaign for the great product placement," Lennox said. "We wish we had thought of it."

And on that note, given Obama's increasingly stylish reputation, how long will it be before other clothing manufacturers try to get in on the act? When you see some hot young Obama supporter sporting a great big Tommy Hilfiger-emblazoned t-shirt at the next campaign rally, we'll bet money it's there on purpose.