Due to the popularity and demand of extremely low-rise jeans, Sandra Tanimura, designer for Sanna's Brazil Fashion, has designed this uber-low (and uber-hideous) nod to one of the worst clothing trends to come about in recent years -- the whale tail.

Thong Jeans -- Ew!

Okay, on the one hand, we at least are less likely to see any actual underwear (or worse) if a woman is wearing these -- the built-in bikini should hide naughty bits when girls bend over. However, on the other hand ... well, look at them! It's not only when a girl bends over in these that you see more than you ought to -- it's all the time.

Although, is anyone else concerned about the fact that these super-tight jeans are held up only by a couple of bikini string ties? We are so not on board with this one.

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