You know when you get invited to a lame party by someone and you feel totally obligated to go -- so you make up some excuse about being busy, or sick, or mourning a dead relative? This is totally like that, only with Heidi Montag and the President of the United States.

Somehow the Hills "reality" TV star made it on the list for the White House Correspondents dinner. But is she going? Hell no! Not unless she can get expenses paid for her creepy-looking boyfriend/manager, Spencer Pratt.

Apparently Heidi, the steadfast Republican, had planned on attending, however after Spencer got wind of the invitation he insisted not only on joining her -- but also that MSNBC (who invited Heidi), pick up the tab for first-class plane tickets. Of course, officially, MSNBC denies all of this -- including that they ever asked the fashion "designer" to sit with them in the first place.

But we prefer the far more interesting rumor that Pratt, after having his airfare request denied, pulled the plug on the whole thing, claiming the event -- at the White House, with the President -- "wasn't 'A-listy' enough." Classy!