Did you pull pages out of the giant September Vogue, then leave them in a fashion wishlist pile, never sort through them again?

Or flag every page of the Elle Spring Shoes Round Up, only to stack it in a corner with dozens of other dog-earred magazines?

It turns out, there are lots of us, and one woman who came up with a system to help organize it all: Scanalog.
The name sounds a little like something from an SNL commercial, but the idea is cool. It's categorizing software for scanned-in content.

You categorize your page, scan it, and save it in the Scanalog program that runs on all Windows systems.

Once it's in the system, you can search categories to easily find your saved page. That's it! No more piles of paper, no more searching for that one thing you saw once, but forget where.

Categorizing is easy because you get a set of neat stickers, like they have in Lucky Magazine, with 11 "master categories." You just pick a sticker, put it on the page and scan it in.

If this sounds like a good idea for reducing the clutter in your life and increasing the organization, visit the Scanalog site for more information. The software is $49.95, and it comes with a mousepad and set of stickers. Refill sticker sets are $7.95.