Do a quick Google search of Sean Avery and you'll find little about his involvement in the fashion world. Instead, the results come back full of stories about him being involved with the Elliot Spitzer prostitute scandal, his controversial tactics in the NHL and his feuds with his hockey teammates and coaches. He doesn't seem to be a very well-liked man. But, the people at Vogue are cool with all that. Sean will be interning with them this summer.

His publicist says, "He is ridiculously obsessed with fashion. He loves it more than anything in the world. It's something he has always wanted to do."

She also defended him from those who think he's nothing more than a brute on ice, and state that when not in the heat of a game he's, "surprisingly articulate, creative and savvy."

Vogue isn't exactly sure what Sean's role will be, but he's definitely going to Paris for Fashion Week -- what an intership! He may not be writing for them, but will definitely be doing "regular tasks," whatever that means.

But Tia Brown from InTouch speculated on what she thinks his life at Vogue will be like, "Getting coffee for people, sorting out the clothes in the closet and making the runs to pick up the designers, filing, logging clothes: Can you imagine him going to Starbucks for the associate editor? All of those jobs are beneath him. It's an opportunity for him to see close up the fashion styles on the runway."

Umm, sure Tia. Is doing the basics really "beneath" someone who has no background in fashion? This guy is lucky that he's getting the chance of a lifetime just because he's famous! He should be thanking his lucky stars that it's him and not someone else (who would probably be much more highly qualified) getting Anna's coffee. We are so jealous!