Yes, we know -- that picture is from a week ago. It's Lindsay Lohan at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone party. But People actually has, as a headline story, the fact that la Lohan wasn't drinking last night like she was last week at the aforementioned event.

We cannot believe that in this day and age, Lindsay Lohan ordering a Shirley Temple is headline news -- yet, here we are reporting on it, playing right into those freckled hands.

So while we're already on the topic, we might as well talk clothes, since that's we do best. There's the good -- Lindsay isn't wearing leggings. There's the bad -- she's wearing black pants that look like leggings. And then we have the downright ugly -- the blond extensions, and coked out stare have got to go.

Just like Britney, la Lohan needs to turn that train wreck back around. While she might have ordered one non-alcoholic drink last night she's not fooling anyone. There have been enough recent drug and alcohol rumors, plus photographs of glazed over eyes flying around the internet to make us say, "Where there's smoke, there's fire."