For the first day of Australian Fashion Week, Dannii Minogue and a guy so unimportant the photo agency didn't even caption him, decided to deck out in head to toe matching old outfits. Granted they were at a party called MAC Cosmetics Gold Fever Party and a few other guests also wore gold, but nobody took it to the extreme like Dannii and her friend.

MAC Cosmetics Gold Fever Party

Guy SebastianAlice RoseDannii MingoueAlice BurdeuEve

Who, by the way, we're not even sure was there with Dannii. But, if these two didn't come together than they should not have been allowed within 20 feet of each other. That's just too much gaudiness in one place. Seriously, where do they think they are -- and Disney On Ice?

On it's own, Dannii's dress can sort of stand alone. It's not great, not by a long shot, but at the very least if she were by herself the outfit would not have caused us to write this post. Maybe she should take lessons from the great Eve, who looked stunning and classy in a gorgeous, simple, black, floor-length dress. Even Australia's Next Top Model winner, Alice Burdeu, who has been hitting the red carpet for notably less time than Dannii, could teach her a thing or two about style!