Is men's fashion really headed towards concealer and guyliner? Jean Paul Gaultier thinks so. This Thursday, JPG is set to launch its own venture into the world of man makeup called Monsieur. Unbeknownst to us, there must be a fairly decent-sized untapped market out there for this stuff. Initially, the lineup will consist of a toner, bronzer, concealer, eyeliner and shaving products -- as far as lipstick and mascara goes, it looks like they'll wait to see if phase 1 takes off.

As sad as it makes us that men may one day feel the pressures that women feel to constantly put on 'aesthetic enhancers,' man-makeup is cropping up from all sorts of sources. Pete Wentz has his own line of eyeliner called WentzPentz, no word yet on how that stuff is selling. Clinique is leading the charge with their own M Cover foundation. It seems like a full on bonanza to see how many men out there are willing to jump on the makeup bandwagon.

We're not sure what to think here. While we know that wigs, makeup, and even girdles were once an integral part of men's fashion -- we're pretty happy with how easy men have it now. There's just not as much to think about, and the simplicity is pretty nice. No concealer, no eyeliner, just splash some water on your face and go.

[via NYMag]