Gwyneth Paltrow has been wow'ing and shocking us with her daring outfits for premiere after premiere of the movie Iron Man. She's taken her signature red carpet style around the globe in the past month.

Gwyneth's different wardrobe choices through the past several weeks have been nothing short of fascinating.

Gwyneth at Iron Man premieres around the world

Up until now she was going for mostly short (and we're talking really short) dress. But yesterday she decided to switch things up and for the premiere in Hollywood she went with a black jumper. We think that's been her only true blunder out of all the outfits we've seen her in recently -- well, aside from the dress that almost showed the world her hoo-ha. Sure, she has legs that go on for miles, but do we really need to see the whole shebang?!?

Our favorite outfit was the fish scales dress, reminiscent of Marion Cotilliard's Oscar outfit. And our absolute least favorite was an all white getup that looked like it was straight off the set of the musical Chicago.

All in all, Gwyneth's red carpet style has been interested to watch in the past month. Even when she didn't exactly hit the nail on the head, at least she took a risk.