Why, oh why, do celebrities insist on torturing us like this. What did we do to deserve a singing career by Agyness Deyn.

As if being a supermodel weren't enough, the fresh faced Brit beauty is now planning on releasing a single. She'll be collaborating with a New York band called the Five O'Clock Heroes.

Isn't being beautiful and making tons of money enough? Does Agyness really need to make our eardrums bleed too? We're not saying that the single is necessarily going to be horrible -- who knows, she might just end up being a totally amazing singer. But a past riddled with celebrity actors gone singers gone bad, shows that the odds are against her.

She's famous for being fashionable and gorgeous, not belting out tunes. We'll reserve judgment for the time being, but in general, we tend to be of the thought that celebrities should stick to what they're good at and not branch out into other areas of the spotlight. Just because they can, doesn't mean they should.