Heidi vs. Iman

ImanHeidi KlumImanHeidiIman

Though it could have been the start of a feud between Heidi Klum, host of the U.S.'s version of Project Runway and Iman, host of Canada's version, it appears that will not be the case.

Iman was recently quoted as saying that she has much more high fashion experience than Klum. Claws out, right? Well, when Heidi was asked about it at the launch of her line of jeans for Jordache at Bloomingdales, she responded by saying Iman was right. Huh? Is that the kind of behavior we expect from a supermodel?

It might not be the way another model would handle it, but it gives us another reason to love Heidi Klum. Heidi not only said that Iman had been in the industry longer and was more qualified to host a fashion design show, but admitted that she hadn't done some of the big shows because she doesn't have the slight build required, and couldn't fit in the clothes.

And, just to clarify, Iman wasn't randomly throwing down the gauntlet. She might have been answering questions in an interview about what makes her different than Heidi, and really, thought it was done in a slightly uppity way, she was only stating facts. So, no catfight after all.