Sexy prom dresses: Too much skin for high school?

It's prom season once again, and, chances are, you've noticed local high school students pulling out all the stops for the "best night of their lives." Those of you who went to prom can attest to how completely disappointing this high-dollar celebration usually turns out to be -- however, this doesn't stop teenagers from trying to desperately out-do one another year after year.
Take Marche Taylor, for instance. The high school senior from Houston, TX wore this, um, less-than-conservative dress to her high school formal -- or, at least, she tried. After school officials caught sight of the barely-there evening wear, they barred the 17-year-old from the premises -- and eventually had her handcuffed by police when she refused to leave.

OK, let's be honest: Marche totally looks like a hooker in this outfit. But does it matter? It's been (*cough cough*) a few years since our prom, so maybe times have changed -- however, it used to be that tacky, over-the-top dresses were the norm. So sure, this is pretty skanky looking, but we're not sure it's inappropriate for the occasion.


Is this dress OK for prom?
That dress is only OK for street corners and strip clubs10181 (85.5%)
Looks fine to me396 (3.3%)
Who cares what kids wear to prom?1332 (11.2%)