We would call her the Chiquita Banana woman, but that's just too easy.

Sex and the City London premiere

Cynthia NixonKim CattrallMichelle RyanSarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker showed up at the London premiere of the Sex and the City movie wearing a totally marvelous contraption on her head. The entire outfit from the forehead down really isn't bad at all. We're talking a gorgeous dress, hot shoes, lovely long flowing locks, and pretty makeup. But then all of a sudden your eyes hit the acorn/butterfly neon green art project perched precariously on SJP's melon and so many questions come pouring out.

Are rumors of jealousy between cast members true? If so, maybe this is all part of an evil plot for SJP to steal the limelight once again.

Did SJP just decide to show up in character as Carrie Bradshaw to the premiere? Because this is an outfit that we definitely wouldn't put past her TV alter-ego.

Is this all just one big publicity stunt to get people in the U.S. talking about the movie, even though the producers shunned their original home and didn't premiere the movie in N.Y.C. first?

Does she actually think that looks good, or is the joke on us?