Male bags? Really? Is the label given to bags designed and/or deemed acceptable for men supposed to be a play on 'mailbag' or something a little more, um, masculine? Either way, it is still better than the alternative, the murse (man + purse).

It seems that despite the great strides made in equal rights for men that carry bags, there is still a stigma attached to the act of doing so. Refinery29 believes the cause for such chastisement is due to the lack of toughness available in said bags. We're inclined to agree.

That being the case Refinery29 created a list of male bags they felt worthy of the title, corny as it is:


Says Refinery29 about the bags they've collected:

...a sturdy, modern duffel can banish any notion that a bag in hand could call your guy-hood into question... our top offerings should provide adequate room and style to spare. Superman has to stash the cape and boots somewhere, right?

The bags are all made by different designers and are available through various stores and websites. That information can be found on Refinery29's website.