So. This is what we know about good 'ole Taylor Swift: she's young, she sings country music, we've seen her on VH1's top 20 countdown a couple of times, and the year after we graduated from high school she came and performed in our auditorium.

And yesterday we found out a little more about the growing Swift biography:

The junior denim line L.E.I. has asked the 19-year-old babe to act as spokesmodel for the brand as they make their move to Wal-Mart. She will appear in print, mobile and online advertising with the "This Is L.E.I. Country" tag line.

We never bought L.E.I. jeans when they were being sold at Kohl's, so we doubt if we'll be trekking to Wal-Mart anytime soon for a pair of their denim pants. But this brand is for the Hannah Montana-loving type anyways, right?