Designers at little-known Australian shoe company Melissa have been given a gift that's better than anything money could buy: legendary punk designer Vivienne Westwood has collaborated with them on a new footwear range, which fuses elements of Westwood's trademark quirky style with an innovative style of shoe-making.

Melissa use something called thermoplastic techniques to make their shoes -- which sounds a bit sci-fi, but apparently ensures a perfect shape. Westwood told Australian Vogue, "The most amazing thing about this partnership was to be able to create modern products, with very high quality."

So far the Melissa-Vivienne collaboration has yielded a pair of black flats with Westwood's signature logo on the side, and a beautiful pair of shiny pumps. If you want to get your hands on a pair of either, they cost AUS$145 ($137) and AUS$190 ($179) respectively, and will be available next month: just check out the Melissa website for more details of the collection, which is called Anglomania . (I'm English so I'm biased, but I love the name!)