Unless you look like Angelina Jolie circa 1999, it can be hard to get excited about swimsuits, and exposing so much naked flesh to the beach/world. But if we did get worked up about hot new swimwear, we would be tipping designers Damion Fuller and Fern Levack (aka: design house Hot Bondi Swim) as the people to watch.

The talented Aussie couple showed their swimwear designs at Rosemount Australian fashion week for the first time this year, and to their surprise, they have been asked to show in Miami in July as well -- one of only twenty design teams to receive an invite. "My immediate reaction was to pour a good stiff drink!" Fuller told Australian Vogue.

The designers have also secured a number of stockists on the back of their fashion show debut, and can barely believe their good fortune. (We don't find it that hard to believe -- if anyone knows how to make good swimwear, it should be the Australians, right?)

Anyway, if you managed to buy one of their one-pieces before all the hype, you probably can't believe your luck either, as prices are no doubt set to go up. Way up...