If you've ever wondered who's behind the racy ads and the supposedly hyper-sexual corporate culture over at American Apparel, his name is Dov Charney -- and he was just named the fashion industry's Retailer of the Year. He may not be the most conservative CEO in the fashion business, but his brand has totally benefited from combining well-made t-shirts with a really provocative, openly sexual kind of style of marketing.
His libertarian views on dating co-workers and exploring porn themes in his advertising have given him reputation for being a major perv -- as this freakin' hilarious video points out. Yet, American Apparel's sexy and controversial image is pretty much the one big piece of marketing genius that keeps them from being another Hanes. The uber-liberal corporate image, pro-labor business policies, and titilating ads are exactly what draws in the young, fashiony, hipster types. You've got to hand it to him, few people have made such a reputable business off of soft-core porn.

[via Jezebel]