We had a great weekend. We danced our butts off, sang our hearts out and probably had one too many beers at the Glow in the Dark tour in illy Philly on Saturday night. But as always, we were thinking of our dear reader's and before we went in to enjoy the likes of Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco (heart!), N.E.R.D. and the brilliant Kayne, we took a tour of tailgate heaven to see what's hot and what's not for concert gear this year.

Here is a breakdown of the ideal concert attire:

• Wear a pair of flat sandals or flip flops. Choose a pair you don't mind getting dirty.
• Denim on the bottom half in any form (jeans, shorts, or skirts) or leggings.
• Pair denim with a relaxed top. We saw many cute tube tops (great if you're going out afterward in the city) but a simple tank or classic white tee will do.
• Top it off with a hippie style headband a la Arden Wohl or just let your hair down.
• Keep makeup at a minimum. Rub on some self-tanner before hand, put on a waterproof mascara, and bring along a chap stick with SPF to add a hint of shine to lips, cheeks and lids.
• Aviators are a must.
• Keep accessories to a bare minimum since earrings and necklaces can easily get ripped off in the hustle.
• To show a little personality get colorful. There were a lot of neon hues like green, hot pink, blue and yellow. There were also a handful of lame leggings running around out there to our delight.

The bottom line is to keep it simple and comfortable.

On the other hand, we noted some horrendous concert ideas. If you go to a concert don't try to rock:

• A banded bottom dress. Just standing there your cheeks are hanging out. We can't imagine what they are doing when you're dancing or passed out in your seat.
• If you are wearing lame leggings, please don't wear lame headgear or a shiny shirt.
• Unless it's a boy band concert, "I <3 So and So" t-shirts are unnecessary.
• Full on makeup or overdone hair. Why?
• Wow did you really think wedges or heels would work on a sloped lawn? Please wear flat shoes. We saw one too many nasty spills for our liking.

Dress aside here are some supplies that are also concert essentials.

• A cooler filled with your choice of beverage. Always have some water bottles handy too, especially if you're drinking alcohol.
• Ice – no brainer!
• Wawa hoagies. If you don't know what Wawa is, we just feel bad for you. Stick with something easy to eat and toss like a hoagie, fruit and water. Also pack some small munchies that will keep you full for longer like peanuts and beef jerky.
• Sunscreen and chap stick with an SPF30 or higher.
• A small first aid kit with allergy medicine, aspirin, cleaner, band-aids, and Neosporin. Bruises, cuts, and painful stubbed toes happen so be ready.
• Lawn chairs and/or a blanket.
• A trash bag, especially if you plan on tailgating. Be courtesy to the earth brothers and sisters!
• A cell phone or meeting place to find those that get separated from the pack.