If you have short hair and wish it was longer, you have oodles of options for hair extensions. You can go high-end or cheap, real or synthetic -- the options are nearly endless.

But if you want extensions, you have more to consider than whether you want to use Jessica Simpson's or Paris Hilton's -- you need to consider whether it's okay for your hair.

There is a condition that was brought to our attention through this horror story at Beauty Brains, Traction Alopecia. It's a type of hair loss that happens when your hair is pulled on, and it's possible that the hair follicle won't recover and your hair will never grow back.

It's not common, but it can happen. If you decide to try out extensions, pay close attention when they are removed -- is your hair coming out with them? If so, see a dermatologist to see if this is the problem. If you catch it early, your hair follicles are more likely to recover. If you're too late, there's no way to fix it.