It's the year 2008 -- haven't we moved beyond skin color? Why is race still an issue in the modeling industry? We want to know, and so does Iman.

Italian Vogue is doing an "all black" issue and Iman will most likely appear on the cover. But, she's hesitant to play up race because she doesn't want to be just a "caricature" in the industry.

When talking about race, the fashion legend said, "When you see commercials and movies and every other form of art in terms of entertainment, you never have this conversation. So it is so outdated. I can only say that one of the reasons is that models have never had unions, so there is no one to say, 'This isn't right.'"

African Americans in the industry

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We still don't understand why the fashion industry lags behind. But, unfortunately, it's true. Diversity is not valued by designers when choosing models. Just this past runway season, most designers put no more than 2 black or Asian models in their shows.

What needs to be done for the industry to recognize that Caucasian is NOT the only standard of beauty?!?

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