Matthew McConaughey won't take his shirt off for a video shoot? What's that about? Apparently, the shirtless version of his commercial for D&G's new fragrance, The One, is intended for European and Asian eyes only. He insisted on doing a fully clothed version for the good ol' USA -- guess we're not cultured enough to understand the shirtless male form? Anyway, it hasn't stopped the European version from making the rounds on YouTube. From the article:

'Matthew didn't want to be bare-chested on billboards in America, although he doesn't seem to have a problem stripping off in his films.'

Is Matthew starting to get sick of being a sex symbol? Or is he trying to tone it down because he's going to be a daddy soon? For years the guy has been shedding his shirt whenever possible, then when it comes time to do a shoot with Dolce & Gabbana, he gets shy all shy? Not buying it -- the photo for the D&G advertisement is probably the first pic featuring a shirted McConaughey in months. We think he was just fishing for some extra beer money.