The shiny perfection of a professional blowout is dreamy. We figure that's the best part about being a celeb, having a stylist to do your hair and make up before every appearance. The mystery is why, in the name of St. Joan Rivers On The Red Carpet, do so many of them show up with ratty hair and unflattering makeup?

Stylelist has a post about good hair/bad hair with some doozies. The Olsens are definitely big offenders, but they have nothing on Helena Bonham-Carter. We adore her, but her hair...words fail.

We know everyone can't be Cate Blanchett, but the world would be a better place if more of them tried to. Revisit Helena's many dramatic "appearances" in the gallery.

Helena Bonham-Carter's Hair Adventures

Helena Bonham-Carter with Tim BurtonHelena Bonham-Carter At Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PartyHelena Bonham-Carter at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2007Helena Bonham-Carter at Look At Me - A Retrospective - Private ViewHelena Bonham-Carter at